Fair warning








Warning- you’ll see a ridiculous amount of black skater skirts on this blog. Seriously though, I have so many but I love all of them! I’d probably wear one everyday if it was appropriate. (Though, I already kind of do) Also, another disclaimer.. I have a lot of Abercrombie in my closet. When was the last time you walked in there? Haha well that was my first job and I’m now left with a closet full of random, basic, can’t let go of pieces of clothing from that store. Does anyone else have a hard time of letting go of old clothes?!

Top: Abercrombie similar here Skirt: Forever 21 Flats: Tory Burch Bag: Michael Kors Necklaces: Purple Peridot Belt: Brighton Sunnies: here Watch: Michael Kors Lips: NARS ‘Jungle Red’

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Peplum & Scalloped Shorts






I love orange and pink together especially now that I’m realizing how much of it I have in my closet. It’s such a playful combination and is weather appropriate so of course I can’t get enough. As much as I love wearing darker colors, it’s hard to not opt for lighter hues with the weather being in the 80’s. No complaints here though, the perfect weather only lasts so long until it gets unbearably hot! What’s your favorite color combination for the hotter months?

Top: Lush via Nordstrom Rack Shorts: similar here Espadrille: Steve Madden similar here  Bag: Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ tote Necklace: J.Crew Watch: Michael Kors Lips: MAC ‘Impassioned

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It’s official, I need a new kimono! I got this one like three months ago because it was on sale but it’s now on serious repeat! I feel like it just finishes off the outfit. Especially when I have a shorter skirt or shorts on I feel like this is a great piece to add and feel a little more covered up without adding heavy layers. It’s getting a little too hot so I’m sure you know the feeling! Also I’ve been on a search for the Isabel Marant Carol sandals but they have long been sold out so I’m ecstatic I found these for such a great price! They are so comfortable and since I’m such a short girl wedges are my best friend! This week flew by so I’m ridiculously happy it’s Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Kimono: similar here/here Top: Forever 21 Skirt: ASTR (old) similar & cuter here Sandals: Charlotte Russe Bag: Céline Both Necklaces: Purple Peridot Watch: Michael Kors Ring: David Yurman Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe Lips: MAC ‘Rebel’

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Light washed love







Growing up I hated light washed denim but as of late I’ve grown a serious love for it. The top and bottom are actually pieces I’ve had in my closet for a while but always wore with darker items since I felt like light washed denim was unflattering. I am obsessing over it now though and can’t believe how this top & bottom are basically the same wash! I added my favorite colorful statement necklace and a low pony to still keep a little cool in this denim button up. Now I’m on the hunt for lighter jeans.. I love them on other people so I need to get around to actually trying on a pair!

Top: here  Shorts: similar Forever 21 Wedges: here Coach purse: (from outlet store) so similar ones here Necklace: here Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe  Watch: Michael Kors Lips: MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’

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Memorial Day









I’ve just gotta say how much I love anything that has an American flag on it. I do feel a little silly wearing it out when it’s not a holiday like today but even more so when it is. (Haha I’m very weird) I am obsessed with how light and airy this sweater is so I’ll be using it much more this summer probably as a cover up. Since the weather is so nice out I decided to just go with whites and a braid for a super easy, ready for whatever look 🙂

Also, let’s not forget to be grateful for the men and women who have served this country. I’ve spent my weekend relaxing at home so I hope you all enjoyed the three day weekend as well!

Top: similar here/here Roxy shorts: here Converse: here Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ Tote: here Michael Kors watch: here Sunglasses: here Purple Peridot necklace: here Lips: NARS ‘Jungle Red’

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Pinks + Leopard








Maxi skirts are definitely one of my go-to’s. When it’s hot out, the last thing I want is to feel constricted in a pair of jeans so a flowy maxi skirt is what I gravitate towards when picking out an outfit. Of course I put two of my favorite things together to create today’s look – bright pinks & leopard! I’m telling you guys, nothing gives me more of a pick up than applying on some Candy Yum Yum! What’s your favorite make-up product to boost confidence?

TJ Maxx top: similar here Soprano skirt: similar here Steve Madden heels: similar here/here Belt (thrifted): similar here Michael Kors clutch: here Ray Ban sunglasses: here Michael Kors watch: here (on sale, 40% off!) Lips: MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’: here

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Just a little edge



My favorite thing to do while getting dressed is mixing it up. Now that it’s getting warmer I’m more attracted to wearing skirts but I always feel a little too overdressed. Well, I’ve found a perfect solution for me – pair a graphic tee with a feminine skirt! I love the edge that this shirt gives off with the studded arms and leopard print, I think it’s the perfect contrast to the big lace cutout skirt!

Forever 21 Graphic Tee (old) similar: here/here Lace cutout skirt (from the Philippines) similar: here Heels: need these Purse: similar here Sunglasses: Ray Ban Necklace: Purple Peridot Watch:  Michael Kors Lips: MAC ‘Rebel’









I have had these trousers for a long time but have never worn them, I couldn’t resist the sale at H&M at the time! I was hesitant to buy but I love trying out new looks. These are so comfortable and the elastic band around the waist is the best part about it – well, of course besides the floral print! I wore this on Mother’s Day but only lasted half the day.. It was freezing! The trousers are a super light material so I definitely have to wear it when the weather is much warmer! I’m thinking with a crop top to get the full summer feel!

H&M top  similar: here | H&M Trousers similar: love this here/obsessed with this | Heels similar: here | Purse similar: here | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: Forever 21| Lips: MAC ‘Morange’


Wedding Season

20140505-221453.jpg  20140505-221537.jpg 20140505-221543.jpg 20140505-221554.jpg 20140505-221603.jpg 20140505-221609.jpg I wore this dress when I attended a friend’s wedding reception over the weekend. I love how the delicate details are of this dress, it’s definitely very feminine. My favorite part is the soft peachy color to the big lace cutouts, I can’t help but be obsessed! I also had to have my +1 jump in for a couple pictures! ❤️ All the pieces I wore in this are older so I have listed a couple examples of each item linked below.

Dress: similar/similar | Shoes: similar/similar | Crossbody purse: similar | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Watch: Michael Kors | Lips: MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’

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Okay, another movie reference.. But I can’t pass up the perfect chance to wear pink! It’s Wednesday on the tenth year anniversary of the movie that is a huge staple in this generation (in my opinion) & it’s none other than Mean Girls! I had to honor the fabulous movie that even ten years later we’re all still quoting. Pretty sure fetch happened!