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For like 2 days of telling (begging) Jon that we needed a quick getaway, he agreed (he’s pretty easy to convince)! We headed down to Vegas early Saturday morning and made it there in about 5 and a half hours. First order of business was Shake Shack! It may have been reason for the trip but it was well worth it! We didn’t have much of a plan while we were there so we just lounged around. After eating we checked into our hotel and napped.. Typical us. Jon gambled for a bit and I just watched.. I find it to be a huge waste of money ha. We also ate a delicious dinner, strolled through the strip, watched the Bellagio fountain show and ate Sprinkles! Jon even got a little lucky at the slots! We were planning on eating a midnight meal (cause, vacay;)) but we thought sleep sounded better haha. The next day we did some shopping and headed home. The whole ride we talked about how it was so nice to get away from reality for even just 48 hours.. We’ve made a promise to get away, just the two of us more.


It sure flies..

JJ & I! He’s the funnest!

We had a party to watch the Pacquaio fight! Typical Filipinos!

Chillin on the couple couch

We went to Kennedy’s baby blessing and I didn’t bring anything to wear, thank goodness my mom has cute dresses!

I can’t believer how the last weeks have gone by so quickly! Even at work time flies (for the most part) and it’s a little scary! I’m always looking forward to the weekend and right as it comes it goes by that much quicker. I’m so thankful for having such a great group of people I can call my friends & family that I always have so much fun with 🙂 Besides that, I’m totally swooning over the weather, it is perfect! I love summer but I’m overly sensitive to heat so this is the best time of the year in my opinion!

Week Recap

Jon & I got to Sandy earlier than everyone else and there was a Target close by so I got party hats!

AT&T Tower 😉
They gave him this hat and this grass skirt so he could dance while they sang happy birthday! He’s got the moves!20140409-213147.jpg
Jon saw this sign and he’s like “Hey do you want a picture with that?” I knew it was only because he wanted one too haha

So here’s his, he was so excited 😉


Her early birthday cake!

I wasn’t kidding about that dance party, we had to improvise with our disco ball since we didn’t have a spotlight haha


We were early for our reservation to the crater so we took pictures at the top. It was FREEZING that day!


Thank goodness for lifeproof iPhone cases! How else could we have taken selfies while swimming in the crater?!
I am obsessed with reading blogs! At work I have a considerable amount of downtime (on most days) and I find myself lost in blogs, whether it be a fashion blog or someone writing about their journey through life – I’m hooked! It’s honestly amazing to me how people just share a piece of their life in their little corner of the internet. I’m so happy I’ve finally started one!

Anyway, quick recap of my week last Thursday was my dad’s birthday! We ate at Joe’s Crab Shack and I got this thing that was like bacon wrapped fish and this giant lobster with it. I might be a little allergic to shellfish because my throat and tongue itch uncontrollably everytime I eat it and I always forget until it’s happening. This never happens with shrimp though which I always eat and this “allergy” is pretty new because I don’t remember it being like this before. I love seafood though so whatevs! We were eating in front of a movie theater and Jon saw that there was a showing for Captain America so we went and saw it.. I hate staying up late when I have work the next day (you can call me Grandma) but I went for it anyway. I love Marvel movies and this one was no different! What’s not to love about Chris Evans?! Friday we didn’t really do anything. Saturday I think I slept more than I should have and I’m not guilty! Haha it’s only once in awhile now that I can sneak a nap in during the day 😉 that night we had an early birthday celebration for my mom/farewell to our friends that are interns here. It was really fun! We had a “boodle/budol” (not sure the correct spelling is) but you’ll have to see the pictures! Haha you would have to be comfortable eating with your hands and okay with everyone touching food with their bare hands. See below for pictures 😉 I promise it’s normal and food tastes like 100x better. There were so many of us at my house that and we had a dance party haha I loved it! Sunday we didn’t have much planned since we knew everyone would be out from the party we had the night before so everyone got off to a late start. I like to enjoy every moment of my weekend so I told my sister let’s go do something. I’ve never been to the crater in Midway and I’ve lived so close to it for ten years so we decided to go. Of course we brought the entire crew with us, like I said it’s the ending of their internship so now they get to do the fun stuff (ex. Moab last week :)) we went and it was great! It’s a little creepy how you can’t see the bottom though and the fact that we’re inside of a crater! I’m secretly afraid of water. But I guess that is now no secret haha. Monday and Tuesday were just work and school days. And today! It’s my mom’s birthday! We actually just got home from dropping her off at the airport, she’s going to the Philippines for three weeks! I’m so jealous! Me and her have gone every two years and the last time I went was in 2012 so this is the first time I’m missing it 😦 I’m hoping to go on a fun trip before the end of this year though!