Some Hunter Inspiration


These metallic ones are gorgeous! I would hunt them down if they were gold for sure!



I probably won’t wear a suit with my Hunter’s but how weird is this? Haha I don’t love Chuck Bass any less for this outfit though 😉


These were the two times I wore them in New York! They were comfy & kept my feet warm! Even without the wellies.



So I bought Hunter boots a little over a month ago for my trip to New York and I’m obsessed! They are so comfortable, cute AND functional. It’s hard to find all three in one! Who can agree with me? I had debated back & forth on whether or not I needed them but the first time I went to NYC I didn’t have comfortable shoes so I knew these would be a good investment! I had read reviews upon reviews about them on and one thing about me is that I hate purchasing anything online! I feel like if it’s leaving my bank account then I should have the item in my hands! Haha, I’ve never gotten the whole online shopping craze! The wait time drives me nuts. Ok, to get to the point of my post I’m on Pinterest right now looking for more outfit ideas to wear with my Hunter’s since it is now Spring and I’m needing a little outfit inspiration with my go-to rain boots 🙂


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